Waste Management

We provide comprehensive solutions for various environmental services ranging from street cleaning to the stages of the value chain of waste management.

We also provide consulting, design and operational services, offering comprehensive market know-how.

Our waste management vision is rooted in the concept of ‘from linear economy to circular economy’. In today’s linear economy, we are missing opportunities to create new products and clean energy from consumed materials. In a circular economy nothing is wasted.

We build and manages several waste recovery parks in Europe which serve sustainably serve the community and the environment. Thanks to the most advanced waste treatment technology on the planet, these facilities cut general household waste sent to landfill to less than three per cent! The other 97 per cent is either recycled or converted to electricity (powering thousands of homes).

The Ferrovial group’s capabilities go beyond major infrastructure. We also use smart solutions to manage waste in dense metropolises (including London and Madrid) and isolated regions (such as the Canary Islands and the Isle of Wight). Some of our innovations include smart bins (using COMPAKBIN technology) and creating technology to recycle mixed plastic polymers, increasing recycling capacity and reducing waste.

All the technologies we create and work with in the Ferrovial group are shared and distributed. We frequently develop innovative practices in our Centres of Excellence, ensuring that our solutions are always the most advanced and suitable for the job at hand. 

    • Waste collection
    • Waste treatment 
    • Waste recovery
    • Waste disposal 
    • Street cleaning
    • Rental of containers
    • Gardening
    • Urban services 
    • Treatment plant operations
    • Landfills operations
    • Industrial facilities
    • Clean points
    • Transfer stations


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