Operations and Maintenance

Operational strategy

Management and execution

We operate plants, facilities and equipment across a range of industries in the resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure, property and defence sectors.

With our trained operators, proven operational systems and processes and diverse experience in asset management we are able to think like an asset owner, providing better insights and business outcomes for our clients.

By taking full operational responsibility, sharing our knowledge and working collaboratively with our clients, we continually deliver optimal availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk.

Operations Capabilities

  • efficiency reviews and performance optimisation
  • certified operations training programs
  • specialist drilling and well operations services
  • integrated operating systems and processes
  • production scheduling and material requirements planning
  • safety and risk management
  • total cost of ownership analysis
  • process safety and integrity reviews
  • energy management and emission reduction strategies, and
  • logistics, procurement and subcontractor management.

Maintenance and outage strategy

Management and execution

We maintain complex assets across a range of industries in the resources, energy, industrial, infrastructure, property and defence sectors.

With our on-site expertise and highly skilled workforce, our services are delivered through a disciplined approach where accountability and responsibilities are clearly defined to deliver value-adding services for our clients. Our services cover all phases of the maintenance cycle and are consistently delivered within proven safety management plans.

By leveraging our global maintenance knowledge and working with our leading practice processes, we help our clients reduce cost and risk and improve the availability and reliability of their assets.

Our ongoing success in mobilising large scale workforces, working in complex and often hazardous environments, and optimising the availability and integrity of our client’s assets continues to strengthen our reputation as a global leader in maintenance and outage services.

Maintenance Capabilities

  • asset maintenance strategy
  • detailed planning, estimating and scheduling
  • plant outage / shutdown, turnaround management and execution
  • subcontractor management
  • facilities management and maintenance
  • multi-discipline maintenance execution
  • materials planning and optimisation
  • specialty maintenance services, and
  • maintenance performance and productivity analysis and reporting.