Meeting market demand for a new way of delivering outsourced Corporate Real Estate services, Broadspectrum Property integrates core property and facilities management services alongside specialist space management, engineering, project and asset management services, underpinned by a robust SAP MIS and custom-built, intuitive client portal.

Leveraging the pedigree and expertise of the Broadspectrum organisation with over 20,000 professional people located across Australia and more than 80,000 globally, Broadspectrum Property delivers a truly seamless corporate real estate solution featuring the latest global technology platform, our proven Australian-based, 24/7 Help Desk, and a strong customer service focus.

Our Services

Our services can be offered individually or in any combination to deliver seamlessly integrated Corporate Real Estate solutions underpinned by sophisticated end to end management information system designed as a “single source of the truth” for all property related information and reporting.

Portfolio Strategy

Our comprehensive data management and reporting capability in combination with our leading team of industry experts, enables Broadspectrum Property to provide strategic advice to our clients, enhancing portfolio planning capability and enabling property teams to make cost effective decisions that drive continuous  improvement, long-term savings and value generation.

Property Management

Rigour and flexibility are at the core of our successful management of all tenancy-related issues, whether our client is the owner or the occupier. Broadspectrum Property provides comprehensive property management services, ranging from one-off transactions to long-term whole of portfolio management solutions.

Project Management

From commercial office to major plant replacement, critical environments to office relocations, our experienced project management team can be relied upon to deliver low risk, effective program management and project delivery services on time, on budget, every time.

Facilities Management

A deep understanding of client operational needs, combined with our significant procurement capacity and an extensive database of accredited and professional subcontractors, ensures our facilities management service delivery is cost effective, compliant, responsive and leverages global best practice.

Asset Management

Through our ISO55001 and PAS55 aligned asset management approach, we can assist our clients in transitioning from legacy practices that respond reactively to maintenance needs, to a highly systemised environment where activities are predictable and prevention rather than cure is the basis upon which maintenance strategies and lifecycle planning is determined.

Help Desk

Taking ownership of the problem and seeing it through to a successful conclusion is the hallmark of our sophisticated, Australian-based, 24/7 National Help Desk. Successfully managing more than 50,000 calls and 10,000 emails per month, our Help Desk is known for its exceptional customer experience, proven people, superior training programs and global best practice systems.


Through our ISO14001 – Environmental Management Systems accreditation, Broadspectrum Property is committed to sustainability best practice and implementing environmental programs that drive efficiencies and benefit our clients, the environment and the communities we operate within.  Furthermore, our global Centres of Excellence for Energy and Waste Management provides direct access to innovation and industry best practice.

Workplace Solutions

Our workplace solutions focus on enhancing staff, stakeholder and customer experience, while driving productivity and positive cultural alignment. Services encompass space management and optimisation; and workplace experience services such as concierge, reception, mail room, car parking, meeting systems and document management.

MIS, Reporting and Analytics

Our market-leading SAP Management Information System (MIS) is a dynamic, single source of truth platform, housing all property related data in our secure and integrated SAP environment. Our end-to-end system is robust and responsive, and is overlaid with an innovative client facing portal, delivering live portfolio data, reports and analytics 24/7.

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