Oil and Gas

We deliver services to the upstream, midstream, and downstream hydrocarbons production and processing industries globally.

We support liquefied natural gas facilities, oil sands extraction, refining, coal seam gas production and hydrocarbons storage.

We have activities in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, the United States and Canada.

Fast Facts

In Western Australia, through our joint venture partnership, we mobilised more than 800 people to deliver a shutdown at a gas-plant with no lost time injuries.


  • onshore production
  • terminals/tanks
  • offshore production
  • petroleum refining
  • coal seam gas production
  • oil sands production
  • gas processing
  • pipelines


  • engineering
  • construction
  • maintenance
  • upgrades


  • extensive experience managing shutdowns in brownfield environments, we deliver more than 30 shutdowns over three million hours every year
  • engineering and design, procurement and construction management services for plant and equipment, including tanks, terminals, and pipelines
  • brownfield optimisation
  • asset management and analysis of hydrocarbon facilities and equipment
  • well drilling maintenance services for the coal seam gas industry
  • catalyst handling and specialty welding
  • expertise in integrated services contract models that allow a coordinated approach to resource planning and management across multiple sites and projects to improve safety, quality and scheduling while controlling production costs
  • safe working practices in -40 degree and up to +700 degree Celsius / +1300 degree Fahrenheit environments that reduces downtime and critical paths
  • the ability to execute a variety of commercial contracting models to meet our client’s requirements, including lump sum cost-reimbursable
  • design and implementation of data management systems to support asset integrity and maintenance scheduling
  • HRI- High-Temperature Repair and Inspection - HRI, Inc. uses proprietary technology to provide repairs and inspections in environments with temperatures ranging from 600 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit saving owners millions of dollars by preventing lost production
  • instrumentation and electrica- expert instrumentation and electrical experience to install and repair industrial electrical equipment including high-voltage and control systems safely, on-time, and within budget
  • specialty welding - skilled in over 600 ASME code standard procedures and trained to weld in tight spaces and at difficult angles delivering lower weld rejection rates and overall cost savings
  • Automated Weld Overlay technology delivers safe, accurate repairs with wire speeds up to 600 inches per minute - much faster than manual processes and other available automatic systems
  • catalyst handling - safe work in inert environments to perform catalyst replacement and reactor repairs utilizing state-of-the-art personal protective gear, a large inventory of specialized catalyst equipment, and detailed work processes, and
  • safety support - customised safety programs created to address safety concerns through ongoing education and a corporate culture encouraging hazard prevention, reducing the number of work-related safety incidents and OSHA violations.