Tracking well in Australia

Project: Iron Knob Rail Restoration

Client: Arrium Mining

Location: Whyalla (SA)

Duration: 8 months

Services provided

  • New track construction
  • Welding services
  • Re-sleepering
  • Track surveying and recording
  • Level crossing upgrades
  • Solar light installation
  • Signage

Safety record: Exceeded 100,000 work hours LTI and MTI free.


From May 2014 to February 2015, Broadspectrum successfully recommissioned 54 kilometres of railway into South Australia’s Iron Knob mine, with half of the work new track construction. We worked to improve and extend the line so our client could increase the freight load and speed when transporting iron ore. The upgraded line meant that mined iron ore could be transported straight to a new plant, saving time and money.


This project’s major challenge was that the mine had been disused since 2000. Our restoration had to address all the problems that one would expect with a rundown asset.

As an intelligent and skilled workforce, we dealt with all challenges that came to hand, keeping our client informed and ensuring we remained on target.



Our smooth and precise work was recognised across the industry and we were recruited to upgrade more remote railway tracks in South Australia. A contract we completed in 2016 saw us work on 65 kilometres of live rail running between Thevenard and Kevin.

Proof points

To recommission the Iron Knob mine railway, we completed approximately:

  • 53,000 tonnes of new ballast placement
  • 2,400 thermit welds
  • 1,500 flashbutt welds – in track and trackside
  • 43,000 sleepers
  • 27 kilometres of rail installation