Our MD and CEO

Our MD and CEO

Having managed several large integrations at Ferrovial, Fidel is quick to acknowledge the collaborative nature of Broadspectrum that made the integration run like clockwork.

"I was very impressed by the positive attitude of the Broadspectrum team when I joined in May last year. It is clear that working in partnerships is second nature to the team, and when the management teams from Broadspectrum and Ferrovial first got together, they identified more than 30 opportunities in one day that they could work on together to grow the company."

“Our team’s sense of collaboration is a key global differentiator for Broadspectrum.  We are working with the Ferrovial group on several opportunities, including with Amey in the UK, for roads, rail and facilities management work. In addition, our construction and asset management businesses are pursuing major road infrastructure opportunities in Victoria and New South Wales,” Fidel said.

Fidel started with Broadspectrum in May 2016 as Strategy and Integration Director before being appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in January this year. He and his family – wife and three daughters aged 16, 13 and 11 – enthusiastically adapted to their new Sydney life. Having studied at universities in Spain and France for his engineering degree, and then living and working in the United Kingdom, the Australian stamp on Fidel’s passport was a welcome and exciting addition.

Fidel’s goal is profitable growth, and he is confident Broadspectrum is ready to tackle it: “We have a great team, and a great organisation, and by working together I know we can achieve great things.”

Multiple visits to different sites have strengthened Fidel’s conviction in Broadspectrum’s capabilities.

“I have enjoyed getting to know our employees personally and seeing how they embrace our company’s values. Safety is embedded in our culture – there is a strong sense of camaraderie as employees are protective about each other’s wellbeing and safety. Likewise, I don’t want to see anyone being injured in our workplaces. We must continue to always put safety first in everything that we do.”

Apart from highlighting safety as paramount during his visits, Fidel has also been happy to see that the team shares his drive for profitable growth.

“Our employees are already looking for further opportunities within our contracts, extending themselves where possible to deliver more services and innovations to our clients,” Fidel notes.

Fidel is also passionate about supporting the team’s ongoing development, with an emphasis on supporting the leaders in our contracts. One of these initiatives is to open up programs such as BEST Leaders, which builds leadership capability across the organisation.

“It is important that our teams have the right tools to succeed, and this is especially important out in the field with our clients. Our contract teams are the ones that most visibly represent the company’s brand.”

He has prioritised site visits, client meetings and has kept in touch with the Ferrovial group via late night meetings due to the 10-hour time difference between Sydney and Madrid.

“While it’s a busy schedule, meeting the team and appreciating all of the opportunities we have is inspiring. I try to be in the field and visit different offices twice a month, as it is important for me to know the opinion of both our colleagues and clients regarding our work.”

Fidel is disciplined and focused on growing the company, but also values his leisure time. “Ensuring a work-life balance is very important to me. I enjoy the weekends with my family, clearing my mind and being active,” he says.

Fidel has integrated cycling and walking, two of his hobbies, as part of his daily ritual. A third hobby is scuba diving, and he is keen to practice it in his newly adopted country’s clear beaches. He is also looking forward to the winter months and skiing in either Australia or New Zealand, and looks to seek the advice of employees: “I will need to rely on the team’s local knowledge to recommend the best ski slopes.”

On Monday, it’s back to business. His strategy and focus is underpinned by the company’s five priorities, which he clearly communicated in his first week.

“Achieving the company’s five priorities ensures clients can depend on us. This reliability is an asset that translates into solid relationships and leads to more work. We need to persevere in the continuous effort to improve our processes. New operational efficiency measures and the use of innovative solutions will keep us ahead of the market,"he said.

Fidel is also excited about Broadspectrum and Ferrovial leveraging their cross-sector capabilities to further enhance our service offering: “By utilising our local expertise and capability, and adding the global capability of Ferrovial and the Centres of Excellence, it would be hard to dispute our ability to deliver world’s best practice as the leading services provider in the region. Our main challenges now are to develop new growth opportunities in our key markets, and to improve our profitability on a contract basis to prepare the company for the coming years.”

Fidel is both ambitious and confident in Broadspectrum’s future as a Ferrovial company, seeing the importance of the organisations' shared history, culture, values and industry diversity. It is a new dawn for Broadspectrum.