NZ PM Jacinda Ardern visits Kaitaia’s emergency pipeline

Battling the Northland drought, Jacinda Ardern meets council officials, contractors and iwi at the newly built emergency pipeline.

This month, the water started flowing through one of the emergency pipelines in Kaitaia, in the north of Northland, New Zealand. 
Earlier, on 12 March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visited Kaitaia’s emergency pipeline to observe the work and thank council officials, contractors and iwi for their hard work and support to get the newly built connection from the Te Rarawa (Bonnetts Road) supply to the Kaitaia Water Treatment Plant up and running. She also announced a NZ$10 million drought relief package in which NZ$3 million was earmarked for Northland.  
“The rural sector across the North Island is currently doing it tough with significant and sustained droughts in many areas,” she said. “Water is running low across the board – for drinking supplies, the primary sector and firefighting storage – and we will help our communities to get through it."  
The town of Kaitaia has been facing a water crisis, and heavily relied on the Awanui River for their water supply, but the long run of dry weather wasn’t helping. Hence, the emergency pipeline was installed.  
Broadspectrum is a proud partner of the Far North District Council in the 3 Waters Alliance. We run the operations and maintenance of water, waste water and storm water systems for the Far North District Council.  
Broadspectrum Project Supervisor Rick Low told the Prime Minister there wasn’t enough 250mm-diameter pipe in the country to build the four kilometre pipeline, and the project would have been delayed by three months waiting for the shipment. The solution? To be innovative and use two 125mm pipes laid side by side with a midline boost pump station to meet peak demand requirements for the plant.   
The Kaitaia emergency pipeline takes bore water from Te Rarawa (Bonnetts Road) directly to the council’s water treatment plant. The water is then piped to storage tanks and a water tanker filling station to providing supply to the town of Kaitaia and surrounding rural communities on rainwater tank supplies.