Cutting-edge energy solutions to reduce impact of climate change

Ferrovial Services is committed to achieving the 32 per cent energy saving goal set by the European Union by implementing technological solutions that ensure energy efficiency and reduce consumption.

Energy Control Centre
The company’s Energy Control Centre is a collaborative workspace that centralises energy management and specialises in energy efficiency services. The Centre manages various contracts, from hospitals and nursing homes, to schools, sports centres, offices and processing plants, district heating and production plants. This Centre manages more than 4,000 supply points and 2,500 devices via telemetry in Spain, the United States and Australia, allowing us to analyse 316 gigawatt-hours of energy, with a cost of approximately 25 million euro.

Centre of Excellence for Energy and FM
Ferrovial Services' Centre of Excellence for Energy and FM specialises in energy management in the broadest sense, including developing technologies to enhance the efficiency and use of renewables, for both public and private sector clients, outdoor and indoor lighting, heat and hot water production, climate control, network optimisation and telecontrol. It also offers specific solutions for industry that are tailored to clients' operations and provide substantial energy savings in production plants.

The cities leading the way in energy efficiency

Dunedin, New Zealand
In the New Zealand city of Dunedin, Broadspectrum has been contracted to install 15,000 LEDs for streetlighting. The project involves replacing the current conventional lights, which are reaching the end of their useful life, with a new LED system aimed at increasing street and road safety, as well as reducing energy consumption and electricity costs.

San Sebastián, Spain
San Sebastián's district heating project is based on a heating network that uses centralised biomass heat production to meet the heating and air conditioning demands of around 1,500 homes in the city's Txomin Enea district. By using biomass, this initiative cuts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by a total of 1,800 tons per year and saves costs for the operator and end user.

Tomar, Portugal
This contract covers the installation of a smart and connected streetlighting system comprising 14,000 lights, and the implementation of four pilot projects: monitoring the use of fire hydrants, air and water quality monitoring, tracking flood levels in the Nabão River, and implementing artificial intelligence software to manage the entire system. The software will use a LoRaWAN network to manage all communications, based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Móstoles, Madrid
This contract involves sweeping upgrades to the main energy-consuming equipment at Móstoles Hospital and outlying clinics. It also includes the management of heating and air conditioning, cooling, climate control, lighting, facilities control and vertical transport equipment. These actions will save more than 1.5 GWh in electricity and 0.3 GWh in thermal energy, reducing CO2 emissions by 600 tons per year.