Broadspectrum’s leaders: Nicole Davies

This is an occasional series about Broadspectrum’s leaders. By sharing their stories, it’s an opportunity to celebrate our people, their successes and their diversity. In the words of inaugural interviewee, Karen O’Driscoll, “Our leaders have real lives too, and have had learned through challenges, successes and mistakes that they can share with a wider audience.” 

“I could do my job anywhere, but finding an industry I’m passionate about is what gets me up in the morning,” said Nicole Davies, National Communications Manager, Defence. 

Nicole works primarily for the Defence Base Services (DBS) contract and also supports the other Defence contracts; Defence Maintenance and Support Services (DMSS), and National Clothing Stores Services (NCSS). DBS provides estate maintenance and operational services (EMOS) to the Department of Defence. Around 15-20 services are performed on each Defence base (also called an estate) from (just!) building maintenance, to a full range of services including aviation firefighting, aircraft refuelling, asset management and maintenance, hospitality and catering, domestic services (cleaning and accommodation), managing the live firing ranges and training areas, environmental and grounds maintenance, and warehousing and distribution.

“The bases are run as a management triarchy between Broadspectrum, our client Estate and Infrastructure Group, and the end-user customer, the Australian Defence Force (ADF),” she said.  

“We work together every day to make decisions about management of the bases, which was demonstrated during the recent bushfires where we operated together to manage all of the activities which were happening, and even saving bases from being lost to the fires.”

 Nicole is responsible for positively engaging our internal and external stakeholders in the operations and activities of the contract. “I look for opportunities to promote Broadspectrum and the operations, and engage with our clients, ADF, defence industry associations and media. I also support the executive leadership team, which I’m a member of, in best practice communications tactics. 

“The main challenge, as a team of one, is managing multiple internal and external stakeholders across Australia. Providing a quality service is always top of mind.”  

Nicole has predominantly spent her career in the defence industry. “I once said yes to a marketing role because it sounded interesting and involved travel, but I ended up being an operational shipping agent. It was one of the best experiences and led to other opportunities in Defence. 

“The role of a communicator can be performed in any industry, but it’s where you do that role that gets you up in the morning,” she said. 

Advice she would offer to others is to continue your education, both formal and informal. “The world changes rapidly, so it’s important to be current. Also, form a network outside your own work environment and join professional organisations to keep up-to-date with current practices. Most of all, be curious about your industry and seek opportunities to learn and understand more about it.” 

A final point on diversity from Nicole. “It’s a must. Diversity of thought and experience is just as important as gender or cultural diversity. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same thing. It’s important to bring in people from a range of industries, and in the areas where Broadspectrum operates, our clients are continually looking to us to be ‘smart’ partners, bringing new ideas and ways of working.