Simply Cups recycling program

An innovative solution to a growing waste problem

Australians use approximately 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. While reusable cups are growing in popularity, many people still prefer the convenience of a takeaway cup. This convenience is creating a growing waste problem, as the inside of a paper cup is covered with plastic film that cannot be removed by traditional recycling facilities. This means that every single disposable cup ends up in landfill, where it can take over 50 years to break down. Many people are also unaware that if disposable cups are incorrectly placed in a comingled or paper recycling bin, the contents are considered contaminated and the whole bin is sent to landfill.

This is not only a significant environmental issue, but a financial one. Landfill costs can be up to four times that of recycling rates, and some facilities are now under threat of fines for high contamination levels in their recycling waste streams.

To help combat this growing waste problem, Broadspectrum and nbn have partnered with Simply Cups, Australia's first coffee cup recycling program.

Simply Cups offer workplaces designated collection tubes and bins, as well as the services to collect the cups and transport them to a processing facility in Victoria.

Since the program began in April 2018, over 18,630 cups, or approximately 200 kilograms of waste, has been diverted from landfill. Instead, Simply Cups has worked with innovators to transform the disposable cups into new products, including building materials, garden beds, bench seats and kerbing.

Broadspectrum and nbn are proud to endorse better workplace waste behaviours that minimise the environmental impact of our business.