Innovation to enhance safety in road maintenance works

Ferrovial Services is constantly working to improve safety for its road maintenance operators. The company has developed a range of initiatives, tools and devices aimed at reducing workplace accident rates.

In Spain, Ferrovial Services has developed SAMIC, a lane invasion system that alerts road maintenance staff if a vehicle enters their work area, enabling them to stay safe. The company has also fitted its fleet vehicles with smart systems that feature a forward-facing camera and a warning device inside the cabin to alert the driver of potential hazards.

In the UK, Amey has introduced traffic management vehicles that automatically deploy and recover traffic cones from the road, eliminating the need for road maintenance operators to exit the vehicle.

In Poland, subsidiary FBSerwis has developed SKOPI, an app that warns drivers of roadworks along their route. Road maintenance operators upload the location and type of maintenance work into the app. Drivers who use the app on the road receive a notification in the form of an image and a vibration on their mobile phone each time they approach an area where roadworks are being carried out.

In Australia, Broadspectrum is trialing speed detector radars that identify speeding vehicles at a distance and trigger a safety device worn by road maintenance operators, giving them time to move to safety. Shortly, the company will also be trialing PORTABOOM®, a remote controlled portable boom gate that allows the operator to effectively control traffic from a safe zone away from the direct line of traffic.