Healthy, committed employees are an organisation's greatest asset

Ferrovial Services is committed to its employees' health and offers a range of wellbeing programs in the regions where it operates, including Spain, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ferrovial’s wellbeing programs aim to create a healthy environment and improve employee living standards by adopting an overall approach to health. The following are three initiatives aimed at fostering employees' health and wellbeing, both at work and in their personal lives:

  • The 'Live Well' program was developed in Australia to support and encourage employees to choose healthy lifestyles, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising more often, giving up smoking, reducing alcohol intake and maintaining a state of mental wellbeing. The program includes a 24-hour support centre designed to provide employees and their families with support in the event of personal or work-related problems that might affect their quality of life.
  • HASAVI is the health and wellbeing program at Ferrovial Services in Spain. The program addresses three areas: sport (professionally supervised exercise at times that are compatible with work); nutrition (an expert on healthy eating is available to advise workers and help them to adopt a healthy, balanced diet); and emotional health (workshops on relaxation, sleep and resting).
  • 'Mental Health' wellbeing program implemented in the UK consists of a strong network of ambassadors — employee volunteers who promote mental health and give support to workers who request it. The main objective is to end the stigma associated with mental health issues and ensure that workers can speak freely in the workplace. The program now has 138 wellbeing ambassadors and 80 mental health first aiders.