Ferrovial Services pilots innovations from three global startups

Smart Open Lisboa is a startup implementation program aimed at integrating innovative solutions to improve the quality of life in Lisbon. Ferrovial Services, as part of this initiative, is piloting three startups across its business:

  • CardioID is a Portuguese startup which provides solutions to mitigate fatigue-related incidents. The CardioWheel is an Advanced Driver Assistance System that acquires electrocardiograms (ECGs) from the driver's hands, via a custom wheel cover fitted with alarms, to continuously detect drowsiness. This six-month pilot has been rolled out to 10 different company vehicles, and presents a solution to develop safer, more ecological and economic driving behaviours.
  • eccocar is a Spanish start-up that offers fleet management services to organisations and communities, optimising fleet size and reducing the number of vehicles used. Users can manage the entire process of renting a car from their mobile phone, including opening and starting the vehicle. The four-month pilot has been rolled out to 10 passenger vehicles from the Ferrovial Services fleet. The company also plans to pilot eccocar's car-pooling service, which digitises and shares company cars among employees.
  • e-Floater is a German start-up that offers electric micro scooter sharing. Ferrovial Services is piloting e-Floater scooters between the Universidade Europeia's Quinta do Bom Nome Campus and Lisbon's Technological Park, Lispolis. With three wheels instead of two, the e-floater scooter offers greater stability. During the first three weeks of the pilot, these scooters were used by more than 120 registered users, travelling over 280 times.