Broadspectrum’s clients benefit from global Energy Control Centre

The Energy Control Centre is a collaborative workspace developed by parent company Ferrovial Services, specialising in energy management and energy efficiency services.

Ferrovial Services has launched a global Energy Control Centre to provide companies and institutions with valuable advice on energy consumption. This collaborative workspace centralises energy management and capitalises on the knowledge gained from the company's contracts with hospitals, schools, universities, sports centres, offices, waste treatment plants, district heating, data centres and public lighting.

The Energy Control Centre manages more than 4,000 supply points and 2,500 devices via telemetry in Australia, Spain, and the U.S., and analyses 316 GWh of energy with an estimated cost of €25 million.At least 4 per cent in energy savings has been achieved in the first year of incorporating the service, by improving the performance of thermal power generators, detecting after-hours energy consumption and optimising operating patterns, among other actions.

Energy Control Centre core activities

The Energy Control Centre manages and forecasts energy consumption and costs, monitors savings, and provides advice on energy procurement and on managing risks linked to fluctuating energy prices. It is being used in all the company's Energy Services contracts, and in various facility management, waste treatment and sport centre services contracts. Its service may be offered to any customer interested in better managing their energy consumption and costs.

Hefesto: software for enhancing energy efficiency

The Centre relies on Hefesto, a proprietary tool ideal for energy management that captures, stores and analyses data from energy projects managed by Ferrovial Services. Hefesto has the ability to connect to any device, and can handle large volumes of information quickly in a highly visual, user-friendly environment. This is with the intent to provide customers with the best energy management advice.