Welcome to our 2018 #SpectrumGrads

Broadspectrum’s 2018 #SpectrumGrads have recently commenced the #SpectrumGrad Program. The cohort was welcomed via the three day #SpectrumGrad Forum. The #SpectrumGrads heard from key leaders throughout the business and learnt about Broadspectrum’s values, operations and clients. The graduates were also given the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions with MD & CEO Fidel Lopez, Chairman Paul McClintock and Director Dean Pritchard amongst others.

The new graduates engaged in Sketch Comedy and Improvisation workshops with senior leaders, communications training, team building, innovation sessions and community work throughout the three days.

The graduates’ backgrounds include Law, Engineering, Marketing, and Human Resources, and based on business needs they will be joining teams around Australia and New Zealand. #SpectrumGrads will be placed in three rotations over their two-year programs. 

Last year, Broadspectrum was acknowledged through the Australian HR Awards for Best Graduate Development Program. This is a testament to the tireless efforts the organisation places on building capability for the future and to increase the diversity and innovation of our workforce. 

Fidel Lopez with our 2017 and 2018 #SpectrumGrads during the #SpectrumGrad Forum.