Virtual reality to prevent road accidents

With the holiday season soon to be upon us, Broadspectrum has been promoting road safety to our people and ensuring we have the necessary parameters in place to prevent road accidents.

Our 'Drive safely' campaign addresses a range of areas to encourage safe driving behaviour including driver fatigue, drugs and alcohol, driving distractions, and speeding.

Driver fatigue is recognised as a priority by the UK Government's road safety strategy.

Ferrovial Services company in the United Kingdom, Amey, has also recently launched a new virtual reality application to raise drivers' awareness about the dangers of driver fatigue.

The simulator provides a revolutionary 360-degree environment with movements and sensations that simulate the experience of driving. The simulator is available to over 10,000 Amey drivers in the UK as part of a suite of training.

Gary Booton, Group HSEQ director at Amey said: "An accident or near-miss makes people immediately aware of their capabilities. So, a virtual reality tool gives our people the learning without the risk. The VR means people will know the impact on ability caused by fatigue. This provides a superb learning experience".

Driver training and awareness-raising using technology

Virtual reality is used to offer employees an experience that influences their safety-related behaviors. By recreating all the conditions of fatigue that a driver can suffer, drivers are given a true-to-life experience of something that can happen to them. The system makes people more aware of safety issues. The goal is to train drivers and raise their awareness to achieve safer working conditions in the company's contracts. This virtual reality project, developed in partnership with Holovis, has been used throughout the UK along with other driver education products that Amey offers.

Near Miss Simulator — using virtual reality to enhance safety in railway maintenance

The Near Miss Simulator was developed specifically for railway maintenance services. The simulator is still at an early stage of development. It was created as a proof-of-concept to show what virtual reality, combined with other technologies, can offer in providing immersive environments for safety training.

More information about Ferrovial Services' safety tools are available in the following links: