Flying high with new drone capability

A new internal, state-of-the-art drone service is now available across Australia for commercial use that is compliant with strict government regulations.

Sponsored by our Centre of Excellence for Natural Resources, and managed by our in-house engineering consulting business, ICD, the service can be quoted and mobilised within days.

The service is enhanced by access to ICD's surveying and engineering team who can provide full data acquisition and analysis services.

Services include:

  • High resolution photography and videography – provides up-close visual inspection of assets to identify potential issues and defects.
  • LiDAR – laser scanning to measure structures, objects or create land contours, providing three-dimensional modelling of assets.
  • Infrared thermography – provides a heat map of assets to highlight areas that require attention that are not visible to the naked eye.

The new service adds value to client's activities; improving safety by reducing the need to access confined spaces or areas at height, and improving efficiency by reducing inspection times.

To find out how your business can benefit from our drone service, please contact David Zucconi at or 0447 162 290.