Easternwell’s journey managament is on the right track

Easternwell recently joined with JESI, a software company, in a workshop to explore opportunities to make further improvements to the journey management software solution that creates a safer connected travelling network for people working in remote locations.

Easternwell implemented the app-based journey management system in 2016 as drivers are required to travel long distances on remote and sometimes isolated roads, and are therefore at the higher level risk for fatigue-related incidents. The journey management system was implemented in conjunction with In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) to help reduce the risk for drivers.

IVMS monitors all in-vehicle behaviour including speed, fatigue, harsh braking, whether 4WD is engaged and if the seat belt is being worn. The journey management system assesses the level of risk of each individual driver based on level of alertness, distance being travelled and driving conditions.

Based on the level of risk assessed, the journey is either approved or escalated to management for final assessment and approval. Drivers can log and close their journeys using their smart phones while the IVMS system provides the ability to track the journey and confirm the safe arrival of the driver.

JESI Director Customer Solutions Kathy Wilson, said: “We value Easternwell working with us and sharing their learnings in using the software in their day-to-day operations.”

“The workshop provided an opportunity for our tech team to hear directly from our clients on practical ways to continually improve and refine our JESI software. It was also great to work with a team that embraces the opportunity to innovate and benefit from the increased efficiencies and reduced costs available when technology is leveraged.”

JESI has significantly reduced the amount of time required by drivers to log their journeys, delivering cost savings of up to 50 per cent for the business in managing and assessing risk for journeys; a task previously managed via a labour-intensive call centre.

The introduction of the JESI technology was recognised in the 2017 International SOS Foundation’s Duty of Care Awards, for which Broadspectrum was shortlisted in the category of Remote Healthcare.

Additionally, Easternwell’s journey management system won the Chairperson’s Safety Award in the 2017 Broadspectrum Awards recognising the company for implementing a comprehensive journey management systems with particular recognition of the installation of the IVMS system in all vehicles, and the rewards program for drivers reaching 20,000km and 50,000km without an IVMS breach.


Easternwell is working with journey management software developers JESI to create a safer connected travelling network for people working in remote locations.