Radio Manus welcomes Transfield Services on air again

Transfield Services Operations Manager, Allan Rowles took to the local airways again on Radio Manus to communicate directly with the local community about our activities at the Regional Processing Centre (RPC). It is important for our team to ensure the local people feel comfortable with their new expat neighbours.
Radio Manus welcome our team again for a ten minute pre-recorded time slot that has been repeated on air to the local community and who are always tuned into their one and only radio station.

Allan told the listeners about the team’s recent attendance at a local Community Forum. This Forum was held in Loniu Village and kindly chaired by Deputy President of Los Negros Local Level Government, Dr Lawes. “We really enjoyed meeting and speaking with many members of the community and hopefully provided useful information about the RPC and answered some of their questions”.

The highlight of the Radio program was the support provided by FireWall Logistics, who are a PNG company specialising in community affairs and remote area project management. Transfield Services invited FireWall Logistics along to summarise Allan’s interview and translate it into pidgin for the local listeners.

Carol, Radio Manus Programmer: was extremely impressed with the inclusion of a pidgin translator and congratulated Transfield Services on their open communication to her community and listeners.

“The team and I are excited about the opportunity to work within your community and we appreciate the support of the people and are learning a great deal about your wonderful culture. We are working hard to make sure that everyone benefits from our presence here”, said Allan.

Allan Rowles taking to the local airways again on Radio Manus to communicate directly with the local community.