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Our integrated service capabilities make us the ideal partner for local councils. With experience in key municipal responsibilities, we can improve a council’s operations to increase efficiency and appearance, ultimately making it a better place to live, work or visit.

Through our global business, we have worked on some of the world’s most prominent councils to enhance assets, waste management solutions and transport. Some of the cities and councils we work with include those in London, Manchester, Sydney, Surrey, Adelaide, Madrid, Granada, Melbourne, Riveria, Northamptonshire and many others.

The innovations and methodologies uncovered in our Centre of Excellence for Cities transfers to local councils, as does the work undertaken in our Centre of Excellence for Asset Management and Environment, Energy and Facilities Management. Our 5,000 engineers, consultants and operational specialists within the Ferrovial group push boundaries of smart infrastructure and digital engineering for better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Some of the work we’ve implemented includes installing energy efficient lighting in councils to increase lifespan and lower operating costs, invent autonomous street sweeper carts which follow workers and improve efficiency, and maintain grounds, service highways and bridges. We are also pushing the boundaries of autonomous vehicle use for asset inspection, smart bins and drone use; all exciting developments that can be rolled out across our contracts when the breakthrough technology is perfected.

Our waste management services are highly valued by local councils. We can collect, treat, recycle and dispose of all household waste. Our goal is to reduce emissions and increase recycled materials and smart energy solutions through waste, which would have once been consigned to landfill.

We use all our resources to improve local councils. By marrying asset management techniques with modern technology, we guarantee our clients get the highest quality solutions for the best value.

  • Waste 
  • Parks and gardens
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Community engagement 
  • Industrial relations 
  • End-user communication 
  • Technology transfer from global centres of excellence 


Local council budgets are always under pressure with a number of deliverables


A satisfied end-user is always a challenge


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