Taking flight

Our facilities management contract with New South Wales Schools includes grounds and property maintenance. This encompasses roof upkeep and repair where necessary.

Inspecting a roof can be dangerous and possibly ineffective, with ladders, scaffolding or lifts only offering the technician a snapshot of the roof’s condition.

We wanted to find a way to provide a safer and more reliable service.

The Innovation

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – drones – were the obvious choice to (dare we say it) kill two birds with one drone.

Drones allow us to get an unimpeded view of the entire roof. They guarantee our team’s safety and help us complete in-depth inspections much faster than the traditional method.

We opted for a first-person view system, which beams live pictures from the drone’s camera back to a screen on the ground. The operator can zoom for a better view and take both video and still shots.

The Outcome

An unbridled success, we are looking at extending our drone usage wherever possible to maintain structures such as bridges, masts and pylons.