Supplying Perth’s Water

Since 2011, Broadspectrum has been part of the Aroona Alliance which operates, maintains and undertakes asset management on facilities supplying 50 per cent of Perth’s water and all of Perth’s wastewater. The remaining 50 per cent of Perth’s water supply comes from separately run desalination plants that Aroona collects and distributes.

We distribute 267 billion litres of water to Perth annually and treat 140 billion litres of wastewater.


Our Better Way count has passed 1,500, accruing almost $2 million in savings. More than 83 per cent of employees have offered a Better Way, demonstrating that we have an innovative and engaged workforce.

Aroona Alliance is also committed to Aboriginal participation. It has more than three per cent Aboriginal employment and is always looking to grow that number. It supports the Clontarf Foundation by giving Aboriginal students the opportunity to visit the sites and get a deeper understanding of its responsibilities. This initiative is complemented by multiple school-based Aboriginal apprenticeships awarded by Aroona.

Our goal is to achieve $25 million of sustainable savings by 2018, and are on track to reach that target.

Upholding goals

Day-to-day, Aroona takes a safety-first approach and has achieved multiple awards for this mindset, including Broadspectrum’s FBN award, which recognises excellence in safety, innovation and sustainability.

Aroona Alliance is contracted until 2021 and, more than halfway through the agreement, we are tracking exceptionally well.