Smart Cities – Our edge on infrastructure development

As a Ferrovial company, Broadspectrum has a tremendous opportunity for profitable growth by drawing on the group’s innovations, capabilities and knowledge.

A transparent knowledge sharing policy with our Spanish parent lets us assume enormous capacity. We can make tangible upgrades for a sustainable and more functional infrastructure network by finding global solutions to local challenges.

The following examples prove the Ferrovial group’s dedication to innovative infrastructure.

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park, UK

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park is an exciting new facility which will deal with the area’s household waste in a sustainable way.

Situated 80 kilometres north of London, the contract is ambitious and impressive, combining three technologies to cut the volume of household waste sent to landfill in the area to around three per cent.

Recycling is already collected separately in Milton Keynes but all remaining residual waste is brought to the Recovery Park. When rubbish arrives, it is sorted using mechanical treatment, which identifies around nine per cent of incoming waste as recyclable material (bottles, cans, paper), which is cleverly sorted from the conveyor belt for recycling.

Following this, organic waste is extracted and treated in an anaerobic digester. This process converts food scraps and plant material to sustainable energy or compost-like material for use on construction sites and areas where organic fill is required.

All remaining non-recyclable material is placed in an advanced thermal treatment plant which turns the waste into biogas. This gas is combusted to generate high temperature steam, creating renewable electricity in a turbine. The volume of energy produced is enough to power an astonishing 11,000 homes.

We will manage the Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park for at least 15 years and expect its opening year’s rubbish intake to be 125,000 tonnes and will grow as the region’s population increases.

The facility also engages with the community. It features an education and visitor centre – free of charge to the public – to promote waste awareness and showcase features of the facility.

High-speed railway, California

Ferrovial Services is kicking off construction on the Unites States’ first high-speed train line. The company is building a segment between Wasco and Shafter, which forms part of the 160-kilometre central section of the line, between Fresno and Bakersfield.

The A$500 million contract for 35 kilometres of the line is revolutionary for California. Once the entire project is complete, the train will run 1,300 kilometres with 24 stops and allow trains to reach speeds of up to 320 kilometres an hour.

Broadspectrum has a long and successful history in rail and adding high-speed capabilities to our armoury gives us credibility in every rail corridor.

Thames Tideway Tunnel, London

A consortium between Ferrovial Agroman and Laing O’Rourke is building the largest section of London’s new sewerage system.

It is 12.7 kilometres long, 7.2 metres in diameter and contributes to cleaning the Thames River by avoiding 34 identified ‘combined sewer overflows’. The seven-year project began in 2016 and adds to the group’s long list of tunnel projects.

As the works progress, Amey – a high profile subsidiary of Ferrovial Services – is contracted to supply the data from the tunnel’s systems to improve operations and maintenance practices.

This project demonstrates our ability to deliver complex project management and engineering skills to improve the built and natural environment.

Roads in the USA

Ferrovial’s recent contracts awarded in the United States builds on Broadspectrum’s impressive catalogue of toll road management services. The Ferrovial group will design, construct, operate and maintain a 35 kilometre section of Virginia’s Interstate 66 in a A$4 billion, 50-year contract. Cintra and Meridian, its partner in this operation, are responsible for project development while Ferrovial Agroman handles design and construction.

The Interstate 77, North Carolina upgrade is undertaken by a Ferrovial led consortium investing A$850 million to widen the highway in both directions. The 41.3 kilometre overhaul improves safety and speed on the highway for this growing region. Cintra will manage the highway for 50 years.

The new highway increases user capacity, improves mobility and enhances driver safety by expanding on an existing roads arterial.

Ferrovial’s ability to design, build and manage is an attribute shared by Broadspectrum. We can replicate large-scale toll road projects to improve the lives of thousands of motorists each day.