Providing Gippsland’s Water

Since 1996, Broadspectrum has worked with Gippsland Water to service 140,000 residents and large industry and agribusiness customers.

We are responsible for delivering water and wastewater to 41 towns across the Gippsland region, providing a 24-hour mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance services. We also deliver a range of asset renewals, minor capital works, professional and administrative services to ensure the facility always runs smoothly.

Our services cover the following water assets:

  • 17 water treatment plants (165 MLD)
  • 2,000km of mains
  • 35 pump stations
  • 64,000 connections
  • Four main reservoirs

The wastewater assets include:

  • 14 sewerage treatment plants (71 MLD)
  • 180 sewer pump stations
  • One water recycling plant (uses MBR and RO)
  • 55,000 connections
  • Two main ocean outfalls
  • 1,538km of sewer mains.



The Gippsland Water Factory project won three categories at the Banksia Awards in 2011. It was victorious in the Water and Education categories, as well winning the overall Origin Gold Banksia Award, Australia’s most prestigious environmental accolade. The Banksia Foundation wrote:

“Gippsland water factory turned conventional water treatment on its head. The innovative wastewater treatment system addresses a serious environmental issue and incorporates recycling to provide a sustainable solution.”


“When the contract started, the relationship was very much a contractor-supplying-a-service-to-a-client type arrangement. As the years passed the relationship has developed into very much an alliance type arrangement where Gippsland Water relies heavily on Broadspectrum’s expertise to organise the provision of a large number of services and carry out capital works greatly above what would be normally expected of such an arrangement.

“You may ask why this works so well. I believe it is the staff commitment to push the boundaries and focus on what truly is needed to achieve excellent asset performance and management. I commend this type of relationship as it truly focuses on the delivery of excellent customer service.”

— Ian Heafield, Gippsland Water Manager Asset Management