Ongoing relationship with BlueScope Steel

We recently celebrated a 15-year partnership with BluesScope Steel at its Port Kembla facility. The relationship has been extended for an additional five years, meaning we are slated to work with BlueScope for at least two decades.

The achievement

Broadspectrum’s NSW Industrial Manager, Ben Hoyle, said: “Our transformative 15-year journey with BlueScope Steel has seen both our companies grow and overcome challenges together. We work with BlueScope Steel to deliver change in this dynamic market by eliminating costs and adding value.”

A key to our successful partnership with BlueScope is our relentless desire to innovate and improve our services for the client’s benefit.

In 2015, we unveiled a new way of doing things; Project Revolution. The innovative way of operating aligns BlueScope’s desired contract performance with custom business strategies and operations. It requires a cultural overhaul – no small feat – which demands leaders to take responsibility of a new way of thinking.

Current practice

Project Revolution ensures our staff are well-rounded and fit for their role with attitudes befitting joint organisational values, strategy and culture. If not, we aim to foster them as part of our continual focus on capability development and innovation across the entire delivery team.

Because it was overwhelmingly successful in BlueScope’s operations and our own business outcomes, we have used this methodology across multiple Resources sector clients.