Cooperation programme for innovation in street cleaning in Madrid

Ferrovial Services and Madrid City Government are working together to improve street cleaning approaches in the city using levers for innovation such as citizen involvement, data analytics and new technologies.

The programme, being implemented in the Chamberí district in central Madrid, pursues solutions, technologies and approaches to make the city cleaner.

Citizéntrica applies a methodology based on research and experimentation, with the city as an urban lab. Some of the references used to identify opportunities for improving the service are:
  • Understanding the citizens’ perspective: Citizens’ opinions gathered via face-to-face interviews are a cornerstone of the programme. The main objective is to identify key issues for improving citizen satisfaction with the cleanliness of their urban environment.
  • Analysis of international best practices in innovative street cleaning programmes.
  • Application of new technology solutions, such as the A1A3 robotic cart, which can follow the operator around, making his or her work more amenable and flexible; the cart includes a tracking system and a dustpan that can be operated remotely.

The Ferrovial Services Centre of Excellence for Cities develops and implements innovative municipal service delivery programmes, solutions and models in cooperation with cities and the most advanced players in municipal services. The ultimate goal of this applied innovation is to drive optimisation of commercial, operational and financial performance and strategic differentiation on the part of Ferrovial Services.

Through this Centre of Excellence, Ferrovial Services seeks to pioneer a new generation of citizen-centric services, in line with cities’ need for constant improvements in efficiency and citizen experience. These new models hinge on strategic long-term cooperation, an integrated vision of services, citizen involvement, management based on urban information and the application of cutting-edge technologies.

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