Lane Cove Tunnel; delivering value from the start

Region: Sydney, Australia

Services provided:

  • Design and construction
  • Operations
  • Maintenance



Broadspectrum was involved early on in Sydney’s Lane Cove Tunnel. We helped during the design and construction phase so now, as we operate and maintain the asset, we have an in-depth knowledge and use this to be safer and generate savings for our client and road users.

For more than 10 years, we have delivered all road maintenance and asset management services for the Lane Cove Tunnel (including tolling systems).

When working in the tunnel, we need to guarantee safety for our team and have done so by facilitating Australia’s safest and most efficient vehicle diversion system. Not only is it safer, it results in savings towards the $200,000 annually.

Additionally, Broadspectrum’s asset management methods reduces maintenance and energy costs for water collection and pumping while simultaneously delivering improved water treatment systems.


Key points:

  • Partnership exceeds 10 years
  • Saving $168,000 annually by delivering Australia’s safest and most efficient vehicle diversion system
  • Actively involved in the D&C phase of the tunnel and provided a range of pre-completion services