We work collaboratively within the health, hospital and aged care industries to create a comfortable, safe and dignified experience for patients, residents, people with disabilities, families and staff.

Our customer service focused approach ensures our staff provide the highest quality of care as they provide distribution and patient services, food services, cleaning and sterilisation and ward support services. Work is efficiently managed and scheduled using internationally proven systems and processes ensuring consistency, reliability and responsiveness of service, and delivered collaboratively with medical professionals and hospital staff as we work together to provide patient-focused care throughout the Health experience.

As part of Ferrovial, we procure solutions to 650 health centres with more than 30,000 hospital beds and have a unique understanding of the responsibilities and challenges of facility owners through our experience in the entire design, fund, construct, operate and maintain cycle. Locally, we are an expert in supporting government clients to successfully transition to outsource models at low-risk, achieving cost efficiency and increased service and customer satisfaction levels. Our approach delivers quality outcomes by using innovations, a Centre of Excellence in Asset Management and big-data analysis to deliver cost and productivity improvements. For example, we use time and motion-based studies to undertake efficient distribution and patient services.

With a team in every state and territory of Australia and in 155 towns in New Zealand, our people care about improving the experience of those that visit, stay or work in the health, hospital and aged care facilities that are part of every community.

  • Health & Hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Food and nutrition · Distribution Services – waste, linen
  • Cleaning and Hygiene Services
  • Patient and equipment movement
  • Ward / Department Support Services
  • CSSD Services
  • Grounds and Gardens Maintenance
  • Pharmacy and Mail Delivery
  • Waste Management
  • Help Desk
  • Asset Management
  • Pest control
  • Security – Patient and visitor welfare
  • Maintenance


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