About Ferrovial


About Ferrovial

Since 2016, Broadspectrum has proudly called itself ‘a Ferrovial company’.

Ferrovial is a Spanish infrastructure and municipal services operator with 96,000 employees across more than 20 countries. It partnered with Broadspectrum after recognising our shared values and paralleled history.

Ferrovial is a known thought-leader in its fields: services, toll roads, construction and airports. Its organised innovation pathways see thousands of people working to create new and exciting developments.

In addition to five Centres of Excellence, Ferrovial has longstanding relationships with more than 30 prestigious universities and even has its own corporate university, Summa, in Madrid.

Environmental sustainability is important for Ferrovial and it features in well-respected lists including the Dow Jones, FTSE4Good and Ethical Sustainability Indexes. It is also recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project for its best practices in carbon emissions reduction and climate change mitigation.

Amongst Ferrovial’s largest contracts is its ongoing funding, design, construction, operation and maintenance works on Heathrow Airport in London. Ferrovial considers itself responsible for the smooth operation of 80 airlines, 472,067 flights and 75 million passengers a year at this airport. Its work on Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 has netted plenty of industry awards and near perfect customer satisfaction levels. Ferrovial also manages Heathrow’s baggage systems and passenger connections between terminals as well as external transport for passengers travelling to Central London.

Ferrovial’s ambition and commitment to growth is boundless and Broadspectrum plays an integral part of facilitating its desire to further expand its innovative solutions.