Health and Safety

Our approach

Broadspectrum’s highest priority is to ensure the health and safety of all persons within our workplace including employees, contractors and visitors.

Looking after the well-being of those who work for and with us is embedded in our core values. Our global management system and safety culture are distinctive features and characteristics of which we are very proud.

At Broadspectrum we strive for a High Performance Safety Culture by empowering our people to adopt and demonstrate leading safety behaviours, providing visible and felt leadership at all levels of the organisation.

Strong leadership is fundamental in enabling people to feel responsible for their own safety and wellbeing.  Everyone working in the Broadspectrum community, including subcontractors, is issued with a Stop Work Authorisation card during their induction.  The Stop Work Authorisation Card empowers individuals to stop and challenge unsafe acts or conditions any time they see, or feel exposed to unacceptable risk. These cards have been personally endorsed by the most senior person in our organisation; our Managing Director and CEO.

We recognise that active risk management is vital to achieving our goal of an incident-free workplace.  We develop comprehensive risk profiles for all tasks or workplace activities to identify potential hazards and the appropriate prevention/mitigation strategies to address. Our Risk Control Effectiveness program ensures that we constantly test the effectiveness of these strategies and implement corrective actions where required.

Our AS/NZS 4801 accredited Management System outlines the Company’s key Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) objectives, minimum operational standards and also provides detailed guidance to operations to drive continuous improvement in HSE management. This system is aligned to the four steps of Planning, Implementation, Review and Improvement (otherwise known as Plan-Do-Check-Act) and centres on fourteen (14) key focus areas.

More detail on Broadspectrum’s HSE Management System can be found on the Safety Management System page

Broadspectrum has 10 mandatory safety rules that all personnel onsite must follow. The Mandatory Safety Rules are a set of non-negotiable rules designed to protect people from high consequence hazards that are commonly encountered across the business.  The Mandatory Safety Rules are applied in conjunction with all relevant laws, policies, Industrial Instruments, Fair Play and any other processes, procedures and work instructions that are applicable to the workplace.

The importance that Broadspectrum places on safety leadership is reflected in the tools we use to measure performance in this critical aspect of our management process.  Performance tools include those such as Leader Led Safety Conversations (LLSC), Process Confirmations and the Leadership Commitment Program (LCP).  While we record lag indicators such as LTIFR and TRIFR in the business, lead indicators such as LLSC and Process Confirmations are used as the primary tool in the measurement of our HSE performance.