Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We have a history of continuous improvement in safety and we have progressively reduced injury rates over the last two decades.  We have achieved improvement via a series of carefully constructed and decisively implemented programs (each building on and reinforcing the previous). 

People are the heart of our business and our most precious asset. They underpin everything we do and every decision we make. They are our workmates, our colleagues and our collaborators and we rely on each other every day.  Like-wise we care deeply about our impact on the environment and the future of the world around us.

That’s why ‘Safe for Life’ is a fundamental guiding principle for everything we do at Broadspectrum.

Safe for Life is not defined by numbers and statistics, but by the presence of energy, motivation and competence.

Whatever the task at hand, it’s the safety of our people and environment that matter most.  That’s why we work hard to empower every one of our people with the knowledge, tools and most importantly the authority to actively reduce risk. We are constantly on the look-out for the wellbeing of our workmates and the world around us. Both inside and outside of work.

By demonstrating safe behaviours, making safer choices, seeking constant improvement and promoting more sustainable ways, we make sure we are all protected from harm to return home safe. Not just for us, but for the people we care most about, and the future of the planet that supports our precious life.

Safe for Life is Broadspectrum’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) philosophy and program.  It’s the way we approach HSE across all operations to ensure that all our employees and contractors return home safe at the end of every work day.

Our Safe for Life program is underpinned by four key strategic pillars:

Visible, felt leadership

Our leaders demonstrate care and integrity through regular face-to-face communication and following through with the actions that result from those discussions. Our caring culture is sustained through the example that leadership sets for the rest of the organisation.

Effective communication

Our people, through peer-to-peer conversations and sharing knowledge, drive safety in their work, not only when supervisors or managers are present.  We recognise excellence and seek to learn and improve through collaboration with our partners.

Risk competency and control

We manage the dynamic risk profile of our business by ensuring risk is considered throughout the contract lifecycle, our people are trained and competent, and we continuously verify the presence and effectiveness of risk controls.

Organisational and personal resilience

We prepare and test ourselves for potential adverse events, ensure lessons learnt from incidents are applied, and we seek a Better Way.  We encourage our people to be Safe for Life through their safety and health choices.

Our collective behaviours are key to keeping our people safe. We do that with a simple Safe for Life behavioural framework that is based on four C-A-R-E behaviours.

  Communication – taking the time to talk about safety and listen to each other

  Awareness - Maintaining awareness and urgency around risk control

Responsibility – Setting high standards and being accountable

  Engagement – Leading by example, participating and sharing knowledge

Embedding personal accountability into our culture, leadership involvement and active employee engagement is key to us keeping our people Safe for Life.

Our Safe for Life program is is supported by alignment with the ISO45001 Health and Safety management system standard and certification..  This provides the framework for implementing Safe for Life in the field, providing the policies, procedures, work processes and tools required to empower our people to actively reduce risk and stay Safe for Life.