Brand and Values

Brand and Values

A re-energised brand

Broadspectrum’s brand is aligned to our business and supports our ongoing development as we continue to grow.


Our brand name

The name ‘Broadspectrum’ represents what we do – it reflects the delivery of a broad range of services that are essential to clients across multiple sectors, and to thousands of people and communities around the world.

Our logo

Our logo consists of two elements – the logotype and the brand mark, named ‘Spectra’.
Spectra is an evolution of the infinity symbol. It is a collection and collaboration of infinite particles – representing the diversity of people, solutions, services, capabilities, sectors, technologies and clients – that enables success for all stakeholders.

Our tagline

Our tagline – ‘Infinite Solutions’ – reflects our determination to find better ways of working.Being more innovative and delivering new and effective solutions to our clients is part of our culture.

Our strategic intent

More commonly known as the vision, our strategic intent defines who we are and where we want to be. Our strategic intent is:

To be the market leader in delivering services essential to our clients.

Our Values

Integrity: Do what's right

  • We deliver what we say we will
  • We are open, straight-forward and honest
  • We care for each other’s well-being and safety
  • We treat everyone fairly and with respect

Collaboration: Achieve more together

  • We work together to bring the best of Broadspectrum to our clients
  • and communities
  • We understand our clients’ needs and add value to
  • their business
  • We share resources to get things done
  • We listen, respect and respond to different points of view

Challenge: Drive to deliver

  • We understand what best looks like and we deliver this
  • to clients
  • We hold each other to account and we manage consequences
  • We work with discipline and rigour
  • We are energetic and passionate about what we do
  • We have the courage to lead change

Ingenuity: Create better ways

  • We innovate for the benefit of all our stakeholders
  • (shareholders, clients, community, employees)
  • We create solutions by looking at things from different angles
  • We bring continuous improvements to our clients
  • We seek out and share knowledge and ideas