Social Housing

We have been working collaboratively with social housing providers from more than 25 years. We offer the right experiences, systems, tools and know-how to assist housing providers to meet their objectives.

We recognise that tenants are among the most vulnerable, often with high and complex needs. Contributing positively to society and ‘breaking the cycle’ can often be a struggle. We work closely with tenant participation groups and programs to share information on initiatives, align effort and provide mutual support to benefit overall outcomes.. We make training, skills and employment opportunities for tenants essential to our service model so we can contribute to liveability for families, whilst working towards social improvement with government, community housing providers and not-for-profits.

Our local social housing call centre has proven performance in delivering large-scale, high quality, efficient call management and response. Our well-developed scripting identifies and despatches work to ensure that the right person with the right skillsets and tools is at the right place at the right time. The industry leading call centre technology is fully integrated with our works order managements processes which ensures visibility to our clients on every aspect of the programs we deliver. Direct tenant engagement provides value for money outcomes alongside high levels of tenant satisfaction in both timeliness and quality of response. 

By engaging Broadspectrum to work with you to achieve your objectives, you will immediately gain access to systems, processes and learnings from our wider global operations – with particularly relevant knowledge and experience from our work with more than 75,000 houses in NSW, numerous social housing contracts in Europe delivered by Ferrovial, and in the UK via Amey. Across our client base we currently actively service more than 250,000 social housing properties.   

Our relational model of service delivery has seen us work closely with government, local community groups and Community Housing Providers to provide training, skills and employment opportunities for tenants for decades. Collaborative initiatives with NSW Lands and Housing Corporation and NSW Family and Community Services, such as ‘pop-up tradie shops’ that aim to deliver rapid response to minor repair requests, also help us to build trust with local communities.

  • Community Housing Providers
  • State Government
  • Responsive maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Essential Services
  • maintenance and compliance
  • Vacant Property restoration
  • Modifications for individual requirements
  • Capital Works Programs
  • Waste Management
  • Pest Management
  • Grounds maintenance

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