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Broadspectrum contributes to the creation of meaningful experiences for citizens through public transport solutions. As part of one of the world’s largest services and infrastructure companies, Ferrovial, we have access to the leading experts in efficient and reliable service delivery, prioritising customer service, operating nuance and smart asset management. We work together with government and the community to enable reliable, safe and on-time customer journeys.

Whether by land, sea or rail, Broadspectrum has experience in operating public transport assets. We have significant experience providing operational, maintenance and project management services to rail, trams, buses and ferries across Australia and the world.

We draw upon our global partners skills across public transport to ensure we deliver the most effective and modern solutions for our clients. Geared towards innovation, our methods are smart and unique for each project we work within.

Our services cover all areas of public transport management. From stock management and depot maintenance to more strategic operations like communications or schedule development, we can do – and have done – it all at a premium level.

Amey – a fellow subsidiary of Ferrovial – has used intelligent and innovative solutions and data to identify more than $1.5 billion of savings in the London Underground over a 12 year period.

Records like this and many more from around the world across all forms of public transport demonstrates the successes we offer our clients.

  • Ferries
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Commissioning new vehicles
  • Planned and reactive maintenance of entire fleets
  • Operations services across networks including planning and delivery of route extensions and additional services for special events
  • Depots, stations and office building management
  • Develop and implement customer communications systems
  • Recruit and manage operational staff
  • Training and development through Broadspectrum Training Services

End-users ease/convenience

Maintaining an acceptable level of customer experience


Availability of assets and resources



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