We operate plants, facilities and equipment across multiple sectors including Resources, Urban Infrastructure, Transport and Government.

We ensure a seamless operation of new or current assets. Broadspectrum-operated assets are run by trained staff who use proven systems and processes. Our workforce has a variety of experience in operational management, meaning we think like an asset owner to provide better insights and business outcomes for our clients.

The Centres of Excellence in asset management, environment, infrastructure, cities, resources and airports, use data-centric methodology and open-platform innovation and smart labs,  to ensure we harness the collective expertise within Ferrovial businesses around the world, facilitating smart decision-making by offering technical capabilities and distinctive solutions .

Our whole-life asset management approach provided world leading services in data collection, design, planning and execution. With more than 5000 engineers, consultants and operational specialists within the Ferrovial group, we advise our clients on how to balance the cost, risk and performance of their assets, to maximise their potential value. This global knowledge base contributes to our extensive research and development activities. Our R&D projects  push the boundaries of smart infrastructure and digital engineering, leveraging the latest thinking and technology to create value for our clients and the people that use their services every day.

We have innovative technologies which seamlessly weave into our clients’ systems. If required, we also have capabilities to build new tools which ensure efficiency and optimal asset health.

Before undertaking any major process overhauls, we discuss options with our client to come up with the most suitable solutions. Performance optimisation is our primary goal and we achieve this with safe and thorough solutions.

Taking operational responsibility, sharing our knowledge and working collaboratively with our clients makes us reliable and safe, constantly adding value to our clients’ assets.

  • Efficiency reviews and performance optimisation
  • Efficiency reviews and performance optimisation
  • Certified operations training programs
  • Integrated operating systems and processes
  • Production scheduling and material requirement planning
  • Safety and risk management
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Energy management and emission reduction strategies


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