Through our pedigree as Transfield Services, Broadspectrum’s association with Australia’s naval and maritime sector is longstanding.  We are extremely proud of our support to Australia’s Defence Forces, and will continue to nurture this relationship.  

More recently in the maritime sector, we have actively provided contracted corrosion protection services on the Collins Class Submarines, and to blast and paint activities for the Air Warfare Destroyer construction work at Techport, South Australia.

In 2017 we expanded our Maritime Service offering to include the provision of second tier sustainment and build program services at Garden Island Sydney, Techport in Adelaide, and HMAS Stirling in WA.  In so doing, we have built upon our maritime roots, and leveraged our 7 stage shutdown program – a program developed by Broadspectrum, and applied across our other sectors including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Transport.

We draw upon our trades resources across Australia; qualified personnel who are available to service our clients across multiple trade qualifications, and who are highly experienced in time poor, safety critical, quality assured shutdowns across Australia.  Our labour market access and employee arrangements ensure a strong capability to meet the inevitable surge requirements. 

We seek to exploit the many similarities between the maritime sector and our existing client and skills base.  Yet we will always adapt to the unique aspects of our client, including for naval work.  Our skill base lies in Major Hazardous Facilities, and complex engineering environments.  We support the build and sustainment of facilities such as oil and gas rigs, new water treatment facilities, and chemicals processing plants.  These sites have extensive parallels into the naval sector: access controls, heavy plant and structure, extensive utilities and auxiliary services, highly specialised autonomous controls systems and alarm systems, complex and sensitive surveillance and monitoring systems, habitability facilities such as hospitals, accommodation and messing arrangements.  We service all these systems, many of which have certification arrangements more onerous than those used by Navy, and where serviceability is paramount.

Our seven stage shutdown process builds from the robust principles of asset management.  It assures completion on time, every time, with certainty of performance because we invest heavily in the planning phase: Maintenance execution is the sixth stage of this plan.  This process is well proven, and has been adapted into many different operating environments.

While we have documented and embedded this process, it also forms a foundation for a synergistic liaison with our customer to ensure a seamless delivery of service, to ensure there are no surprises, and to allow us to rapidly and smoothly adapt to changes in the program or the requirement.  We routinely accept our customers KPIs as our own, because we want both companies to be successful.  We don’t compete with the primes, and we don’t want to compete with the primes.  Rather we want to team and partner with the primes our peers and our sub-contractors to the mutual benefit of all.  The extent of that partnership is negotiable, but we seek a best for customer outcome in shaping these partnerships.

  • Shipbuilding
  • Sustainment
  • Submarines
  • Major warships
  • Minor war vessels
  • Asset management
  • Project management
  • Maintenance requirements determination
  • Maintenance planning
  • Work-Package specification and scoping
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Inventory procurement
  • Maintenance review
  • Safety planning, oversight and assurance
  • Maintenance execution
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Control systems
  • Structural
  • Acceptance testing
  • System commissioning
  • Project closeout
  • Certification completion and documentation closeout
  • Development and upgrade of logistics documentation
Industry Challenges

Dynamic Environment

Appropriately planning for surety of maintenance outcomes in a dynamic environment

Labour availability

Engaging sufficient qualified labour and sub-contractors with access to naval facilities



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