We are experts in logistics, with decades of experience in multiple sectors. Specialising in complex sites that few other companies can handle, we always push ourselves to increase efficiency and maximise the asset’s capabilities.

Broadspectrum’s workforce is engaged and qualified to tackle any challenges thrown its way. Whether in remote and regional locations or in bustling metropolis’, we take measures to go beyond our scope, offering real value on top of our already refined solutions.

Our experience in logistics is varied and successful. Amongst other industries, we have worked in:

  • Defence: Handling 4.5 million stock lines across 45 sites
  • Retail: Our subsidiary, APP, developed ALDI’s local supply chain and built its warehouses when it first arrived in Australia
  • Offshore camp management:  moving 78 tonnes of airfreight per month, and 24 ship sails per year.
  • Waste: Collecting and transporting tonnes of waste in the UK and Europe annually.

Saving costs through careful analysis overlayed with our experience is just one factor which sets Broadspectrum apart in logistics. We provide ‘people solutions’ whereby we guarantee to assign the right people in the right place at the right time to achieve the best outcomes. By doing this, we can standardise service provisions across a portfolio which result in significant cost savings for our clients.

By working across a range of sectors and industries, we’ve shared our intelligence and refined our logistics practices to improve efficiency, reliability and bolster our clients’ service to their customers. 

    • Warehouse management
    • Distribution partners and expertise
    • Subcontractor management
    • Asset management, purchase, tracking, disposal
    • Value for Money solution evaluation
    • Remote location supply chain management
    • Detailed understanding of Commonwealth Procurement Rules
    • Handling and storage of Commonwealth property
    • Management of Commonwealth Assets
    • Inventory forecasting
    • SAP integration and operation for inventory control
    • Safety management tracking and reporting
    • Implementation and utilisation of Integrated Vehicle Management Systems
    • Fleet management for light and heavy vehicles
    • Bulk fuel/water management and delivery
    • Bus fleet operations
    • Large workforce planning
    • Dangerous goods handling
    • Container management
    • Emergency response and planning
    • Multimodal freight coordination


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