Energy Efficiency

Broadspectrum is committed to energy efficiency and, with the leadership provided by our Centre of Excellence for Energy and Facility Management, can achieve our goals to reduce emissions and reap the associated cost savings for our clients. 

We develop and implement energy efficient systems and technologies for our clients every day, which is rewarding and motivating. We also generate clean, renewable energy through our waste recovery plants in Europe and the UK, our water treatment centres in Australia, and our solar and wind energy collection systems across the world. Because of this, we are recognised in prestigious sustainability indexes including Dow Jones, FTSE4Good and Ethibel.

Our experts in this area have improved energy efficiency on large sites, delivering a range of economic, environmental and social benefits. For example, Ferrovial has employed multiple small and large energy efficiency initiatives at Heathrow airport to improve operations. These include using zero emission battery powered cars across all projects at the airport and improving ventilation to reduce the reliance on air conditioning. Initiatives such as these are an important part of an ongoing effort being made by Heathrow to improve the air quality of its surroundings. 

In addition to improving our operational footprint, Ferrovial and Heathrow have reduced emissions from the aircraft that depart from and land at the airport every day for the past five years by approximately 16 per cent.

Our thirst for improvement will continue to drive our efforts to decrease the environmental footprint of our contracts, to achieve efficient and sustainable outcomes. 

  • Efficiency reviews and performance optimisation
  • Certified operations training programs
  • Integrated operating systems and processes
  • Production scheduling and material requirement planning
  • Safety and risk management
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • Energy management and emission reduction strategies


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