Smart Asset Management

Powering the performance of assets through leading digital technologies


Using IoT sensor based, real time condition monitoring and control service,
we are shifting from reactive to preventative asset maintenance.

Companies are under increasing pressure to get the most value out of their assets and to better detect any risk of failure to critical equipment.

Using IoT sensor-based condition monitoring and control service, we can monitor various asset conditions in real time.

Potential failures trigger alerts at the onset of the issues so that our technicians can proactively address and resolve problems before they become serious.

With this solution, asset owners have increased visibility of the performance of their assets and can better optimise their maintenance.


  • Increase field worker safety, productivity and mobility

  • Decrease manual labor and asset down time resulting in cost reduction

  • Ensure performance of critical assets even in tough environments

  • Improve processes and long-term planning from real-time monitoring and insights

  • Enhance collaboration between field workers, supervisors and clients

A simple guide to identify IoT opportunities

Do you have critical equipment where the cost of failure would have a significant impact and wish to be avoided?

Are your planned maintenance costs substantial? Would a reduction positively impact the bottom-line?

Do you have a pain point relating to an asset or environment that would benefit from a new approach?

Is there value in using data to analyse the condition of the asset over time?

Industry Applications

Case studies

Monitoring critical assets that support surgical operating theatres, to prevent disruption to patient wellbeing

Air filtration, pressure and temperature are the critical elements that ensure operating theatres have the right conditions for surgical operations. These are supported by HVAC system filtration, boilers, chilled water and the key pumping systems. The IoT platform allowed us to effectively monitor and gain insights into the asset behaviour, using analytics on both existing data and the live data from IoT sensors. This information informed the right operation response processes, to prevent the asset breakdown at inopportune times, and support surgeons in meeting patient’s life dependent needs.

Improving productivity in commercial kitchens and ensuring food safety in Government and Social Infrastructure facilities

The temperature of commercial refrigeration units must be measured and recorded several times a day to comply with food safety standards and to keep ingredients in optimum condition. This is a significantly time consuming and repetitive task when done manually. Using real-time monitoring via IoT sensors, we are now able to remotely monitor the temperature anytime and proactively respond at the early signs of abnormalities. Accurate information on the asset behavior is also enabling a better, preventative operational response. This has been particularly useful during COVID-19, as staff were still required to record the temperature despite a reduction in kitchen activities.

Preventing a chain of critical asset shutdowns, through one single point of failure in the Resources sector

A single failure of an air-conditioning system led to a series of critical asset shutdowns resulting in production loss on site. To ensure the event never occurred again, an advanced asset monitoring system was implemented. The live data from IoT sensors was configured to a mobile application that sends alerts to on-the-ground operators when the asset is in danger of breaking down.