407 ETR, Toronto, Canada

  • Revenues amounted to 6,059 million euro (+29%) and EBITDA to 469 million euro (+11%) as a result of good performance by toll roads and the consolidation of Broadspectrum.
  • Highway 407, Heathrow airport, the UK regional airports (AGS) and the Texas managed lanes continue to expand all line items. 407 ETR and Heathrow increased EBITDA by 15% and 6.8%, respectively, in local currency terms. Dividends from the main assets also increased year-on-year to 259 million euro.
  • Traffic continues to rise steadily in the Toll Roads and Airports divisions: 407 ETR (+4.3%), LBJ (+14.4%), NTE (+10.6%), Ausol I (+10.8%), Heathrow (+3.9%) and Glasgow airport (+7.3%).
  • The total backlog exceeded 31.6 billion euro, of which 78% corresponds to international contracts. Notable new contracts in the period include the Grand Parkway (Houston); waste collection in Surrey; installation of the Chorus optical fiber network in New Zealand; several roads in the US and Poland; and railway projects in Poland. A number of new contracts, such as the I-66 in Virginia, have not yet been added to the backlog.

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